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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Revenge of the Huntress

  • From the grave, a playful Diana reaches out to torment the royals.
    Plus, we have the hilarious new element of the flake Blair shoving his oar in over the Pope's funeral. The same thing happened over the queen Mum's funeral: poodlin' Tony is congenitally incapable of leaving well alone where PR or photo op puffery is concerned.

  • Even the sport of kings gets tweaked - the Grand National. Can't you just see the other Windsors walking with measured tread out of wherever they might be viewing the ceremony, and then *sprinting* to the royal TV room to catch the *real* event of the day.

  • Speaking of Camilla, one of the losses of denying our young the fruits of a classical education is that the irony is lost on them of how entwined are Camilla and Diana in myth.

  • And hey - wonky tea towels, anyone? Royal-ish wedding mementos?

  • So plagued by probs, a bookie even taking odds now on what further ills can befall.

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