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Sunday, April 10, 2005

farmers marketmarket

Marché! Soleille!

Opening day of our Farmers Market is my personal Punxsutawney.

My I Ching for the months ahead.

How that crucial kick-off goes, so goes my year.

Naturally, I was chuffed as hell by the glorious weather and general bonhomie on show

I rise early and get down there with a fistful of dollars to buy as much as I can of a morning's brek consisting yoghurt, bacon and eggs (of the largest), bread and marmalade/honey/jam, and a gay plant with which to adorn the Burford cedar dining table.

One of the bonuses I particularly spark off is the astute choice of buskers to provide foot-tapping musical accompaniment to our jollities, and I was so pleased to see Tom there in fine voice and a really great sounding guitar. Now *there's* an example to us all of someone who wasn't content to let his technique stay merely competent but has really pushed himself to master the finer points of chording and nippy plectrum work.

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