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Monday, April 18, 2005

Little brit cast

Loony Britain

I do hope this loony Brit show reaches the US and is pounced on by the usual dupes as a 'clever' cult import.

The signs are good.

  • Little Britain is a success at home.
  • It's scored with BAFTA
  • Its inane setting is a weirdo twilight Britain populated by half-hearted transvestites, naïve carers, lazy romantic novelists, and children's show hosts reduced to DIY warehousing.
  • Cast includes deranged Scottish hoteliers and public housing estate oafs hitting on pals' grandmas.
  • Catch phrases galore for the pseuds to take up.

    I used to think sheer foreign-ness would fend off copycat rubbish but I know better: The more preposterous the contortion, the more inacessible the humour, the more determined certain people will be to show they "get" it.

    No complaints this end: I'll mingle, take notes and file suitably pretentious £-packing feedback from the war zone.

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