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Friday, April 29, 2005

lemony snickett

Lemony Snickett

Gosh I'm delivering some PC-challenged postings.

I can feel delicate nostrils wrinkling even as I compose this paean: first my child-thrashing 'fess ups, now a bouquet to vedettes gamines young enough to be my grand-daughters.

I have of course moved my entire job search persona to the nom-de-boulot of Basil Wilson. I really can't be bothered to go thru my entire catalog and shift 152 dodgy posts to invisible 'Draft' status.

I am *trying* to enjoy Lemony Snickett's clever Unfortunate Events movie but find myself captivated by that Ms Emily Browning who plays 14-yr-old Violet Baudelaire.

I'm dating m'self here, but does anyone remember Mylene Demongeot?

Miss Brown has the exact same pout and all.

EB and that other Emily - Watson from the Harry Potter barn - are our tomorrow's sizzlers.

I'm so disappointed that Bainbridge BrowBeat won't be at the Saturday Bloggia. I have an exact image of my liege and it's my tutor Doc Lonsdale down to the donnish frown:

  • Amused tolerance of my more flamboyant pyrotechnics, cocked eyebrow at my wilder scoots into fantasy
  • Gentlemanly tremor of disapproval where I overstep the mark ("I wonder, Christopher, if that was entirely necessary ... you were making *what* point ?")
  • Learning carried lightly but readily shared in context
  • Diffident but prepared to socialize on the *occasional* basis ("Dear boy, this has been *most* pleasant - and of course the uisgebaugh entirely welcome and reviving ... but can we agree that this, erm, be not a *regular* occurrence. Thank you *so* much, knew you'd understand. Now, I have for my sins some essays to assess ... you'll see yourself out? Splendid.").
  • I really thought I'd be able to combine some tech stuff with mild chiding by dottore BB advancing me an inch or two towards 'growing up'.

    I'll just have to compile his donnish comments in a self-help booklet and publish them for an advance beyond the dreams of avarice. Come my appearance on the Oprah smooch-in, no doubt she'll have him appear as a surprise guest from behind the curtain and we'll totter towards each other for a choreographed embrace. Rather that than a Jerry Springer confrontation.

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