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Friday, April 01, 2005

Italy Revisited

I've decided that my Greece~Italy blog needs keeping up to date, so I'm starting off with this look back at Verdigliana in sun and snow.

There are one or two good snaps there, along with

  • ch_sunsetOodles of boring views
  • One or two vaguely amusing trick shots

    The Circle Game

    Interesting comparing the sunny photos taken in Tuscany over Christmas and the snowy vistas that followed just weeks into the new year.

    The b&w pics rather lend to the wintry aspect.

    snow vista

    Snow-bound Vista

    "In the bleak mid-winter, frosty wind made moan ..."
    Hard to connect with the balmy shot below.

    sun vista

    Tuscany 'au soleil'

    Snapped Xmas Day, recognizable by the distinctive treetop.

    sun nook

    Summery nook

    The 'contemplation' corner, where one sits after dinner with cigars and digestif and solve the wrongs of the day and fine-tunes the mischief for the morrow.

    snow nook

    Wintry nook

    Not much but chilblains to contemplate once the snows move in. Rather a Dickensian, Christmas card aspect.


    Via Facile

    The long and winding drive up to the house.

    Visitors are audible as well as visible from miles off, giving time to hide or roll out the welcome mat.

    During the hunting season, oafish hunters with unruly dogs trample property. The fun is when the rains come, the track turns to wheel spin slush and their parked cars are stranded in the midst of nowhere.

    snow road

    Snow-bound driveway

    Once the bad weather comes, the road can be tricky for those who don't know where the gravel lies 'neath snow and slush.

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