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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

moby hotel


Nothing wrong with being a Moby fan, is there?

The double-CD Hotel is good value at $14.00 and the maestro is on form.

No one can drag a musical heel like Mr Hall across that 1-beat-per-5 secs swirling largo or, indeed, come up with such excellent self parodies*.

As I was telling Anna, the moment I heard Side One, Track 10's "I Like It", I recognised it as the sort of treatment that, if submitted in a "Mimic Moby" comp, would come in a close second with warm comments by the judges.

I wish someone could teach me how to actually play these things in my PC as opposed to being eternally stuck in the artist's fancy home page. 'Hotel' seems to offer a chance to go thru the motions of actually booking into a 'hotel'. It's so convincing that I haven't dared proceed lest I find myself confirmed and billed and booked into some sumptuous Tony Pierce Presidential Suite at two big ones a night and hot and cold running Jess Stone lookalikes in every room.

* As genial accompaniment at day's end to an exotic cheroot, some 'Hotel' tracks rival anything put out on the Dark Side.

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