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Sunday, May 01, 2005


I've just seen Hiker's Guide and wasn't too impressed..

Meanwhile, indignant fans of the book are out there, not to mention inevitable moans from the likes of Planet Magrathea, bruised by the "negative attitude of the Douglas Adams estate who for four years have been happy to make money from
projects that I have worked on ... thoroughly unhelpful and antagonistic ...." And so forth.

I came across the Simpson whinge on NTK along with a witty commentary:

MJ Simpson, the fan-man whose scathingly overprecise preview brought new meaning to the word "spoiler", seemed last week to enter his own personal total lack of perspective vortex. "Nobody else in the world has," he humbly wrote, "... the sufficient knowledge of [DNA's] life and work to be able to put any piece of news into context, which is why there is no other site providing a service like this, and from now on there won't even be this" - and at this point, disappeared himself and his site Planet Magrathea in a puff of his own logic.

Joining him - in a remarkably improbable way - is Michael Bywater, who also swore in the Independent never to write about his friend ever again.

Seeing all these stars boiling away into the ultraviolet must be a sign we have reached the Franchise At The End Of The Trilogy, where finally, Hitchhiker's is awkwardly wrapped up, dispatched with, and will no longer be quoted at length in young geek conversations. To be replaced, it seems, with a new generation, who, in an unfortunate temporal eddy, are commencing to quote Douglas Adams' earlier work, Dr Who, instead. Leaving, perhaps, Mr Adams to that quiet cup of tea and Tiger install that he probably wanted all along. And so the words wink out into the subscription firewall, one by one."

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