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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

campaign poster


Show time! (Yawn). Here it comes - and I don't know why everyone acts so surprised and indignant.

Polling Day: May 5, but it seems that as many as 6.5 million people will get a flying start more than a week before the rest of the country courtesy of the Postal Vote.

It's just rocketed for the 2005 election - around four times as many applications compared with 1.7m postal votes in 2001 (itself a near doubling of 1997's total). Watch the pundits equivocate and backtrack!

As for the muckraking and name-calling, I don't even turn to the election pages 'til the first mud pie has flown and the sound bites ricochet with that unmistakably British spluttering of hypocritical astonishment at how low those cads on the other side are prepared to stoop ...

In fact, some say that the poodle Blair is secretly *pleased* at the Tories turning nasty.

I *am* looking forward to the fisticuffs and have chosen a tight team of sherpas on the trek ahead:

Not yet tracked down any freelance political blogs of weight but they'll be exiting the woodwork ere long.

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