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Monday, April 18, 2005

Fast Company

I can't for the life of me remember subscribing to it, but Fast Company is an excellent jobcraver's cheatsheet and has all the current buzz chat and rah-rah articles a fogey like me needs to keep focused and fierce.

A good letter in the May number correcting last month's snippet about it *not* being Kool-Aid that Jim Jones dished out.

I suspect the meaning and context has evolved over the years, so I'm not sure the writer is right, but he kicks off with a splendid ageist jab:

Mr Kihn reveals both his age as well as his ignorance of history in "Don't Drink the Grape-Flavored Sugar Water" ... The phase "drink the Kool-Aid" doesn't come from the Jim Jones 1978 Guyana tragedy. It comes from the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests in San Francisco in the '60s, where concertgoers were encouraged to "drink the Kool-Aid" (laced with acid) to see if it would help to 'immerse' themselves in the music."
Well I never.

But I still think the current meaning leans towards popping a suicide pill.

Meanwhile, I am a little worried by Alex Halavais' many good points in his 'Blogging Up' advice on 'how to career-blog without it coming back to haunt you".

"Having a blog is almost like building a brand for yourself ... Don't reveal anything in a blog you wouldn't want to see on the front page of The NYT. It's pretty standard that anyone interviewing you Googles you beforehand ..." Uh ohh.
Halavais cites good examples of blogs to emulate, among which As I say, that's me in trouble on the Google front until I concoct a casually cool must-hire showpiece for m'self. I know the ingredients:
  1. Nothing too overtly job grovel
  2. Mature reflections on current affairs, but nothing too opinionated or critical.
  3. Loadsa buzz names: Senge, Welch, Wozniak, Thomke, et co.
  4. Homely photos of the rounded exec at leisure - above-average offpspring at play as pater joins in (but with laptop and road warrior accessories discreetly on view in the background)
  5. Social gatherings showing perfect hostess spouse and smattering of guests - grey-haired captains of industry, the thrusting young (weekend casual for the Yanks, blazers and Oxbridge ties for the Brit contingent), sprinkling of arty long-haired types.
  6. Savvy terse comments on the latest books.
  7. Fumblings with cutting edge technology (" ... not sure if I understand this Bluetooth right but fixed G's download of Canto-Pop chime tones...) "

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