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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Daylight Savings

Always fun when the clocks change, plus it reminds me why we're blessed with offspring.

I assign #2 daughter to do the needful:

  • Hall clock and assorted time pieces scattered about, evidence of hasty coupon cutting and bank offers
  • Microwave
  • The clocks on the three stereos
  • Bedside clock radio
  • Most important of all, my wristwatch, which she snatches up first. I totter away in search of the 14-paqe instruction book in 2pt type but she remembers the drill from the 30 secs glance she gave from 20 paces when I bought it 3 years ago
    1. Hit mode and find 'Time'
    2. Hold down Set for 2.73 secs 'til Hour starts winking (a nano second more and it gives you the wind chill factor in Ulan Bator followed by return to zero of all other settings). Click ST/SP button to advance hour. Click Set
    3. Click Mode to return to normal view
    Phew. How do they do it, les jeunes?

    I was turning the lights out the other night and marveling at the sheer array of pinpoint lights still dotted around

  • Cordless phone rack, red and green
  • Stereo, red
  • Radio Shack aerial booster, red
  • Workroom microwave, green
  • Three power plug surge bafflers, total of 9 green, 3 red
  • Printer, green
  • Radio, 2 red
  • DVD, green
  • Monitor, green (OK OK, off with that
  • Do we ever complete darkness? Actually, we do.

    Every 2 or 3 years when my dad could be wrenched away for vacation from the colonies, my astounding mama would find a rental house deep in the counties - Crofton, Ramsbury, Great Barrington - for some rural R&R and decent local ale.

    It happened every time, my bro and I would saunter out for "just the one" at the local pub, emerging after closing time for a head-clearing saunter back home and - dwapp! Total blackness, not a star to guide us.

    We'd inch down the highway, trying not to tumble into the ditches, using the lights of the occasional car to scurry forward.

    Once, a local huntsman gave me a ride home on the back of his hunter. I tell you, you've not lived until you've galloped into utter darkness on the back of a ton of snorting horse flesh with an inebriated chevalier lashing him on with manic cackles

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