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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

anna at work

Daughter To Work

Thurs, April 28: 'Daughters & Sons to Work' Day.

Daughters! Don't dads love 'em!

I took Anna one year and I couldn't have picked a better day: I was the only parent in the department so no one else was really conscious of sprogs.

It was a bright sunny day and by happy coincidence a pot luck lunch had been set up with our neighboring CoerCia team (Motto: "We're customer-centric like a cat is *mouse* centric") followed by an extreme-frisbee comp.

Being the first time, I didn't know that on arrival the darlings are whisked away for a briefing on what the company is about, followed by a round-room description by each child of what mom or dad actually does in the mothership.

All credit to Anna, she was one of only two who had an inkling. The other was some HR progeny who explained that mama "fired people" which, according to A, raised a few eyebrows from the assembled staffers. Pretty succinct summary, I'd say, but we do try to cotton wool that stuff.

Thence to their parents where I don't know what the others did but I had primed Anna to be "useful". I was working on a satisfaction survey at the time and needed some slave labor data entry which I'd coached A in the basics.

After she'd been tapping for 10 minutes under pater's stern eye, the piratical Dave (seen background) came up and looked over her shoulder and pronounced it "heavy" and wouldn't she prefer to be gaming (of which he had a bundle)?

Nervous glance at Dad.

"No, that's OK."

D: "Say what? You're not doing your *dad*'s work, are you? Yo guys! I'll call security and someone call CPS."

So much for my efforts to present a cool image.

Come the pot luck, Anna helped out during which she maintained her abused waif look as Dave made sure that all and sundry knew of cruel Papa's scheme to slack as his babe toiled in the e-vineyard. You can imagine the ribbing I got *there*.

Post déjeuner, out everyone else went - plus Anna - to Cajola's verdant pastures for Frisbees akimbo (if that's correct usage; if not, BB will pounce soon enough. Kidding, sir)

Next day at school, they were agog for a glimpse of e-commerce in action. So, what do they *do*?. Anna hadn't missed a trick:

Actually not a bad summary of the work day, but I had hoped to present a rather more professional image.

On this subject, did anyone hear the NPR discussion of extending it to Take a Parent, or **Friend** to work?? Much more interesting.

"...frisbees akimbo." Brilliant! I wonder how many people are even nominally familiar with the word "akimbo." Frisbees Akimbo. Sounds like the name of a new Kenyan hip-hop artist. But then, surely he would be known simply as "Akimbo." (Or, more likely, "akimbo.")

Dash it! If BB doesn't appear at Julie's bloggia - even in beard - I shall renounce blogging for Lent. I am in danger of blogging for a very clever foil, dammit.
Mrs Leung - interesting situation we have here: apart from you, BB is the main magnet for Sat's get-together. Any chance he'll be there, even if I need to be blindfolded?
Ah, I suppose we need to invite BB then. But how?! ;-)
Appreciate the invite but the less you know about me the better. Besides, I'm much more entertaining online than in person. (Which reminds me of that great New Yorker cartoon:
"On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.")
Yes, good reply. For some reason, rather what I was hoping - and don't ask me to explain. Meanwhile, I'll have to check out JL's house color on Sat and report back. It did look greyish to me with maybe a touch of green but the lady knows her own abode.
Sorry BB that you will miss our soiree. I was hoping you would be willing to come masqueraded. I guess you'll just have to read about it in the blogs. :-)

Chris, if you want to see gray with green, there's plenty of that in the neighborhood too, but not at my house! :-) see you then...
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