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Thursday, April 07, 2005


Bite of the COBRA

Hmm, I rather like that graphic; it also conjures up the red tape element here.

I'm filing this post more out of relief than any desire to inform or amuse, altho' there may be folks out there who'll be saved a moment's panic.

COBRA coverage - a big deal once one leaves the cocoon of the big office.

ADP Benefit Services were the bunch to whom I sent my monthly check and I took seriously the warning on each of their reminders:

Pretty unambiguous there, I'd say, and I make my payments.

So, one day I get a note from a messrs CONEXIS of Dallas TX informing me that I am now under *their* care and payment coupons to follow. Again the same warning. Yeh, right. I've been down this road before.

I call the number and finally get someone I can ask to look me up. She looks me up and confirms I *am* still covered.

Well, after tapping all that out and distracting myself from hyperventilating over some fabricated resumé, I feel considerably better. Thanks very much.

(Cripes, Bunter - don't say these bally bloggs can serve some actual purpose ?) 'Pon my soul.


It was reassuring to hear this post!!

I have something exactly the same happen to me. Out of nowhere, I could not login in to their web site which says my coverage is terminated. When I spoke to their representative, he said that they would get back to me within 24-72 hours.

I just hope it is an error on their part as funny enough a payment was made on 12/31 and I received a letter yesterday saying that my coverage was terminated effective 12/31. I just hope it is an error else it seems I am in a mess.

Just wondering why this happens to folks who pay their bills on time and why cannot conexis send bills or emails when they have my address and email. Have they also outsourced everything ?

Do not know what to do - get angry or sad?

It is difficult to just switch to another HMO/PPO etc.

Would love to hear back.

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