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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

To get the big question out of the way, the Gladwell coiffure seems to be back to the high-forehead Afro. Someone even raised the question of his hair which he explained thus

Instead of reading from his book, MG said he'd prefer to tell a few stories and then hand over to Q&A (a practical decision, no doubt based on past experience, since question time could have gone on all night).

The example Gladwell kicked off with was the female trombonist auditioning for an old-school male chauvinist European maestro and getting the post but only because she'd played behind a screen that hid the fact that she was female (not to mention, possibly, American).

Hey, thanks for all the coverage! And you even answered my question. :-)Looks like you still had a view despite the reserved seats (Bainbridge Graduate Institute, the sponsor?) Thanks for all your posts and pictures. Did anyone toss him a hard question about Blink?
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