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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Siren Radio, FM 90.3

You know how KUOW fund raisers refer to "drive way radio", meaning those programmes you're listening to in the car and when you get home you can't get out but have to sit in the driveway listening til the end of the item?

This American Life and Guy Noir are two that grab me that way.

Well, what's the indoor version? When you're home but trying to EXIT?

It's now 7:15pm, Tuesday March 8, and I'm in the kitchen with unknown (to me) KEXP 90.3's Wo Pop pumping out the most amazing sounds. I am *trying* to tear myself way to do some shopping but a siren-voiced young lady called Michele Myers - apparently sitting in for one Darek Mazzone - is playing *the* most hypnotic sounds ... airand I can't break free.

*And* she's cost me $$ because even when I do break free I've got to place an order for a French band called Air that she played earlier.

Damn she's got a good voice ... thank *goodness* she's not hosting some pledge drive: I can just see myself doing a Manchurian Credit Card Candidate and signing my life earnings away ...

Must ... uh ... go ... shop ...

Dateline Bainbridge, 0028 hrs, Thursday March 10: well, having swooned over Ms Michele and having spent the whole day today with the dial ecstatically on 90.3, I finally get my come-uppance, or -downance, to be precise.

Half an hour into Thursday morning and we're being hosted by *the* most incompetent buffoon. In fact, he actually owned up on air to some sort of cock-up which has required him to seek out an extra long track to allow him to vacate the hot seat and go fix whatever he did wrong.

Whatever his earlier goof, he's certainly made up for it with the success in which he chose a *truly* long and turgid track to camouflage his absence.

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