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Monday, March 07, 2005


There's probably some ultra-strict NDA about sharing private Seablog reports with outsiders, in which case thank goodness my only reader is also a member.

But just in case, let me give this a dull title to ward off cruising grockles*.

Reading the east siders' report tapped a decisiveness in me. I changed my response for the March 16 meeting (my first) from a default lifestyle 'Maybe' to a definite 'Yes'.

(Blimey, I may need to sit down and make myself a cuppa after all that go-getting activity.)

blinkPlus ... I am off this evening to the local bookshop to hear Malcolm Gladwell rabbit on about his new book. I'd feel a bit of a twot sitting there listening to the joys of snap deciding if all the time my own Seablog page registered me as a 'maybe' faffer.

Just reading the reports fills me with energy and apprehension. Boy, I'd like to end up designing and delivering cool stuff like:

I must keep ears and eyes open on Wednesday and take legible notes for later attempts to apply to my own efforts.

Grockle* post-script: As soon as I used this Devon term, I reckoned I ought to explain it. Using A9, I pulled up various definitions but the funny thing is not the dictionary stuff but all the jpegs of sexy women that seem linked to this dismissive term.

The good folk of Devon must have a bit of a shock when they look it up, heh heh.

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