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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Read the Neal Stephenson 'cycle' 

43-things goal

Clever 43things now offers to link our laundry list of good intentions to our blogs. Dangerous, but cool.

So here is the first of mine ...

I am determined to apply myself to reading Neal Stephenson’s 3-volume “Baroque Cycle” which mocks me from the book case.I’ve read all his others; I bought Quicksilver the day it came out and asked pals to give me the other 2 for Xmas. Since then, no action on my part. I pick up such junk from the newsagent, or re-read lite-weight stuff I’ve had around for years, and yet do nothing about the real deal there on my shelves.

Speaking of Neal S, an interesting piece caught my eye - by the great man - on Continuous Partial Attention

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