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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Office - US-style

On your behalf, I have been scrutinizing video clips of the US version of The Office.

On our screens March 24th, it is a travesty through and through.

  • The scripts are largely direct cribs from the Brit series, so lines are mangled and flubbed even as they pass transatlantic lips.
  • With Brit wit to mouth, the cast is at a dead loss for interpretation. I have no idea if there's a jot of acting talent between them because the assembled 'actors' are up against it just having to deliver the lines as if with a glimmer of comprehension.
  • What's totally loony is that this desecration of a show has been sold *back* to the BBC for showing **back** to the long-suffering limey viewers. God know what the reaction will be. Not much, I auppose, bearing in mind how spineless my countryman have become under the Bush poodle's far from prime ministering.

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