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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

MG looking particularly relaxed and cool in a track suit top with orange piping.

His public speaking voice has an abrasiveness which lends to audibility, and he's enough of a showman to modulate tone, mood and changes of pace as well as spot when a joke is working and milking it to full effect.

To questions about any plans for taking his 'blink' findings further, MG replied that his hopes were to "start a conversation" about the implications of 'snap judgment' and trust to others better placed to take it where they would.

I sensed harder questions awaiting him from politicos in the audience, and Gladwell even joked about it being the northwest where he met such questions, but he sidestepped going in that direction by reminding us that he is Canadian. On which point, he compared the Canadians' 5 weeks campaigning from start to finish with the lengthier American razzmatazz - not a process that lends itself to discussions of 'snap decisions'.

Also on the subject of Canada, MG mentioned that his two worst reviews were by professors at Toronto University, from where apparently he did not graduate with whatever degree he'd pursuing.

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