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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Longitude: 47.633, Latitude: -122.521

0.4 N of Winslow, WA

Not since Mr Guise's geography class in the Sixth Form have I even breathed the words 'Longitude & Latitude'.

Now I actually know my own, thanks to my latest new best blog link, Seablogs. This is how they dish it up for the metas:

<meta name="ICBM" content="47.632676, -122.521021"/>

<meta name="DC.title" content="busking the cost"/>

  • Seattle bloggers get together on the third Wednesday of every month.
  • Next meet-up is on March 16th.
  • Anti-social old me has actually signed up with the Meet-Up Group and will be making the effort to trog over to the 4th Ave rendez-vous.
  • Gosh, that was fast - and it isn't even on my list of 43 things.

    Yes, you should try to go! Ted and I try to go but we won't make it this month. Wednesdays are difficult for us too. But I do hope you go to the meetup! Lots of great people there...
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