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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Lauren Bacall

Wednesday morning, March 9: impossibly dreary sounding woman on radio rabbiting on about something or other.

I stay to listen to hear who on earth it could be on our public airwaves. At the mention of To Have and Have Not, I realise it must be Betty Bacall.

What a pompous cow she sounds.

As always on such occasions, I look her up in the incomparable David Thomson:

"After [The Shootist], her career proceeded without evident explanation ...

The saddest aspect of her longevity is her haughtiness, her rather hollow grandeur - it is just the pomp that her Slim would have deflated .

She got a real movie and the mother's role in The Mirror Has Two Faces.

She was not good in it, but she was nominated, and she proved she couldn't act in the moment when she tried to pretend she didn't care about losing."

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