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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


KO for the Contender

Little need be said about the dreadful boxing reality show, The Contender.

It's something to do with a troupe of boxers eliminating each other 'til the one standing wins a lot of money and presumably saves his family from the brink of penury et cetera et cetera.

The minutiae don't matter. I've read my Gladwell, my coup d'oeil is 20/20.

  • Sly Stallone is involved somewhere with the show, presumably to provide star power and stir echoes of Rocky. Instead, he is a mumbling embarrassment, rivaling Richard Branson for bankruptcy of charisma
  • The 'contenders' themselves are a sad bunch of loveable pumped-up muscle bounders delivering lines on cue and doing their best to keep up the macho bantering.
  • Testosterone galore; not a jot of humor. It is this pathetically earnest seriousness which will lay the show low, sent tumbling by its own laborious footwork
  • The only audience who'll stay for episode 2 will be fans of the sport and those of sadistic bent who like to see men thump each other around. For the rest of us, the quickest turn-off will be that exhausted cliché of the slave-driver trainer bellowing at his flock and driving them on past endurance.
'Nuff said. Angelo, toss that towel.

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