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Saturday, March 19, 2005

jerry springer

Jerry Springer for UK TV - but no brawling

Say whut?

"No brawling in the aisles when Jerry Springer brings his famously volatile confessional TV show to the UK - a domestic version of the US talk show that made his name:

"We're not going to go down the line of fighting, swearing and shouting. There is another side to Jerry - he's a very good and sensitive interviewer," said Dianne Nelmes, director of daytime and lifestyle at Granada."

Good God, woman!

"Another side to Jerry? Good and sensitive interviewer?"

Who on earth wants *that*? Why on earth do you think anyone tunes into the rubbish in the first place?

Blimey - poor blair-ified Brits: first they get a cocked-up yankified version of The Office sold *back* to them; now they're fobbed off with this neutered Springer nonsense.

Speaking of the Gervais triumph - and I hate being such a milksop (advancing senility, no doubt) - I have to own up to coming across a qualifying reference to the US 'Office' version that makes me hold fire until I've seen the travesty itself.

At least I will take satisfaction in pouring even more venomous bile on the show if my initial pompous objections are proved founded.

In the meantime, I chafe in the hateful situation of pretending to "play fair". A passing phase, I assure you.

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