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Sunday, March 13, 2005

islay malt

Islay Smiley

What an incident-packed week, as covered in the 12th March BI Review.

Hard to choose the burning issue du jour from all the fiery goings on:

None of those, actually.

Clear winner is the bizarre "message" to the Island from the incongruously kilted kitchen of "The" Islay Manor.

One picture tells all: gaze in bemused horror on the sheer clunky affectation of that 'scroll', surpassing kitschness, even by our Bainbridge standards

Och - one canna help wondering why some canny soul down in the Review's advertising dept couldn't have just picked up a phone and saved them going quite so aglae in their choice of design malfunction.

Hoots! What's it even meant to be?

  • Press announcement?
  • S.O.S?
  • Epistolary white flag of surrender?
  • 'Come-back-all-is-forgiven' plea?
  • Sour grapes 'our customers don't understand us' blether?

    But enough. My cruel illustration with a photo is critique enough.

    Further words fail me on the actual appearance.

    Next post on this subject will try for courteous head or tail of the actual verbage.

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