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Saturday, March 19, 2005



My far from minor Minol utilities statement is in and exactly what I foretold has happened.

First, refresher links to earlier postings on the subject:

So ...

  • I flew out of Seattle on Wednesday December 15th and returned Tuesday January 18th.
  • Today I receive a statement, almost indistinguishable from any other month's but covering "Water & sewer service from 12/15/2004 to 1/15/2005". It's almost as if Minol is *deliberately* mocking me with the precision with which it's able to fleece me.
  • But we are now able to pay online - for which privilege we are billed an extra $4.00.

    I've clearly been bitten by some honesty 'bug" because, out of fairness, I have to reproduce this very courteous and prompt reply, rec'd mere hours after my own churlish complaint:

    Good afternoon,
    During the most current billing, only 10 gallons of hot water shows to have been used, therefore, that would indicate you were not using water. However, your cold water is billed based on allocation, which means that based on the amount of hot water used, each resident pays a portion of the cold water supplied to the property, hence allocation. Again, whatever percentage of hot water that is used by each resident, the same percentage of cold water is allocated based on the number of occupants in each unit. In your case (1).
    If I may be of further assistance, then please let me know.

    Kind regards,

    M**** B*** (anonymized to protect the professional and polite)

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