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Thursday, March 10, 2005

werner herzog

Incident at Loch Ness

Riveting, bizarre, spooky. Utterly convincing, and the multi-cast commentary is even more sinister

Werner Herzog is the perfect subject here:

  • Distinguished director
  • Unrivaled track record
  • Unerring BS antenna
  • Stiff Teuton values
  • Nobody's fool
  • Any spoil-sport who blabs the gaff on this totally beguiling documentary deserves a flogging and *then* to be tossed into the chilly Loch waters.

    kitana bakerSpeaking of which, major salute to the charming Kitana Baker, who actually *did* plunge as part of her duties as Discover IV's sonar operator ... brrrave lass.

    I knew absolutely nothing about the movie, nor am I in any way curious about what does or does not trawl the waters of Loch Ness. But the combination of Nessie *and* the principled Herr Herzog was not to be resisted, and how right I was.

    A very long time since I've been so intrigued ... from the start, you *know* it's heading for a Murphy's Law field day and all you can do is watch the whole train wreck of a movie gather pace.

    What grand guignol serendipity for the documentary film crew to have chosen *this* of all projects to follow Werner around on.

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