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Sunday, March 13, 2005

I kept trying to get a decent pic of Aniak, the mother otter, with her baby on her tum. You can see the mother otters face at the far right end. That sunlit bundle just beneath her "chin" is the snoozing babe, born March 3 2005.

baby otterThe Aquarium's own site has pics and a ton of information that it's worth genning up on beforehand.

Speaking of which, the place is gloriously full of children and plenty of chances for our own darlings to inter-act with others, either at that velcro board or the upstairs Grotto by the seals.

Hey parents! This is a real chance for our kids to learn, and they look to us as omniscient sources of all information.

Instead, I see fathers shambling around, peering with the same child-like enthusiasm as their offspring, but answering "Dunno ... dunno ... gee, that's a good question ... er, dunno."

A lot of the answers are in the Exhibit Guide and it's fun for us to learn, too.

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