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Monday, March 28, 2005

"How to Blog"

They're no doubt labeled "arrogance issues" in this country but no matter how low I humble down, I find it hugely difficult to extract anything helpful from most "how-to-write" advice. The exceptions are the likes of George V. Higgins.

But Tony Pierce has two points that caught my eye, particularly #27 about poetry.

Even as I posted my own undistinguished effort for the San Carlos poetry gathering, I had that uneasy feeling that all was not right. But it's interesting to read it from someone like Pierce and have my thoughts clarified and convictions emboldened:

  • # 18. "Before you hit Save as Draft or Publish Post, select all and copy your masterpiece. You are using a computer and the internet, shit can happen. No need to lose a good post."
  • # 27. "Nobody likes poems. Don't put your poems on your blog. Not even if they're incredible. Especially if they're incredible. Odds are they're not incredible. Bad poems are funny sometimes though, so fine, put your dumb poems on there. Whatever."
  • Post-script: Oh dear, how funny. I *am* out of touch with the movers and shakers. There was I imagining Master Pierce as some conscientious young chap collecting first thoughts on how to put a best bloggy foot forward, and it turns out he's a published author with an actual readership for his How-To.

    I should get out more.

    I only found out about TP's standing in the community after following a promising-sounding link about anonymous comments to what turned out to be a disconcertingly intemperate - and casually edited, IMO - broadside by none other than our Antoine.

    I suppose this too should be branded cowardly anonymous commentary for being an in-blog ponder on how far from reproach ones own efforts need be before setting about guiding others.

    Post-script 2: Feedback! Two polite comments, including nice note from TP

    "im always amazed by people who only read the first half of that rule and not that latter half


    gen x, baby"

    Ah, fuck Tony Pierce and his sloppy pile of ungrammatical, poorly spelled, ignorant, contradictory, Generation Y, please-someone-pay-attention-to-me nonsense.

    One of the most fabulous and intelligent women ever to draw breath will tell you that poetry matters and is worth keeping out there: Break, Blow, Burn.

    The point can be negated easily. If nobody likes poems, from where did rap's insane popularity come? Lyric is just Calliope's Franz Hals. It's never been gone for a moment.
    im always amazed by people who only read the first half of that rule and not that latter half.


    gen x, baby
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