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Monday, March 07, 2005

MarketPlace Books

Having only recently discovered the delights of re-selling my CDs at a good price, I turned to my creaking bookshelves of pristine 1st edition review copies, direct from publishers and literary editors and usually placed unopened on the shelf.

To my surprise and annoyance, whereas music albums pay a living wage on the resale market, far too many books seem to be going for joke prices like $1.00 or $0.69.

This is no use to me whatsoever and, in cases of 'classier' writing, verges on an insult to the work as well as the author. These toy-town prices barely cover the wrapping let alone my own time and effort to post the sale.

What I'm releasing are 1st editions in impeccable condition of known authors and good subjects published since 1999. They're all originally $20+ publications so, bearing in mind the competition's mealy-mouthed offers round the $0.69 mark, I peg *mine* at an honest $10.00 - a manly compromise between ensuring buyers their bargain and maintaining the author's good name and reputation.

To my satisfaction and pleasure - and exactly as I suspected - there are indeed readers out there with a sense of fair play and respect. My first half dozen offerings were whisked from me at the asking price and I must venture into Winslow to stock up on various sized jiffy bags and larger labels in readiness for the next marketing blitz.

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