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Saturday, March 05, 2005


Currying Favor to the Gentry

I absolutely crave a curry and the whole Madhur Jaffrey bit.

We had that little takeaway place down by Anna's salon but that seemed to bite the dust pretty quickly.

I have no idea if Bainbridge palates will rally en masse around a proper Indian eatery - sitar on the stereo, good bad-taste flock wallpaper, attentive flunkeys leaping to do ones every bidding - but we need a decent curry parlor somewhere on the Island and I for one will dispense my rupees generously in the right direction.

Roll on Gandhi* opening day (*or however they choose to spell it)

What could be better? A talk by Malcolm Gladwell down at the Eagle livrerie, buy the book for the quick personal inscription to show off to the lads, and then off for a tandoori inferno.

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