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Monday, March 28, 2005

terri schiavo

Easter Charade

No resurrecting Terri Schiavo

That Chris Hitchens is such as bad boy, but he keeps my own writing on the straight and narrow so I have to keep reading him.

Thanks, too, to Ars Technica for trying to remove the circus element.

In fact, I was only checking the sayings of Chairman Hitch to confirm gloomy predictions that, despite 10 days without food/water *and* her feeding tube removed etc, the hapless Mrs Schiavo's demise is still not predicted for another *week* or two. Surely that can't be right? Lord, the body puts up a fight!

Speaking of Le Bon Dieu, His patience is clearly running thin over the Schiavo shenanigans because look at the 8.7 tremblor He's just visited on Sumatra, as if to remind us that if we can't come up with some adult headlines of our own, He will gladly provide.

I must say, not a good time for the Pope to go less than monosyllabic: I wouldn't have minded hearing what's up with our Maker timing these seismic tantrums to key dates on the religious calendar.

I trust this isn't a hint to speed up that extreme makeover on Ark II or for extra doorway daubing come Passover ...

Whoops - here it is in the Koran for the year of Our Lord 2007, Tsunami USA

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