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Thursday, March 03, 2005

denise richards

Denise Richards divorce

I can't bear it.

And I thought she and Charlie Sheen made such a handsome happy couple.

Six months preggers, to boot. There's a kid who'll grow up keeping assorted shrinks in luxury, liquor and Greek island vacations.

Those movie stars lead such a krazee life.

When I think of all the crumbs who are inexplicably still together, and then I think of Richardson and Sheen - it makes no sense.

  • Addendum: Just in, the Beeb's coverage of the sad split

  • undercover broQuick question: they're naming movies the luscious DR has been in but no one's mentioned the hilarious and incorrect Undercover Brother.
  • Is it because of the mini scandale that erupted over the poster when it was revealed that someone had enlarged the pert Richards derrière to pander to today's taste for more JLo-gantic juicy style cheeks?

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