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Friday, March 18, 2005


Deadwood ~ the music

Track 6, "Go to hell"

Wild Bill Hickok (Carradine, superb) to Charlie Utter (perfectly cast Dayton Callie):

"I don't wanna fight it no more ... I don't want you p****ng in my ear about it ... Can you let me go to hell the way I want to?"

C: "Yeh, I can do that"

(Followed on the album by perfect segué into Lyle Lovett's "Old Friend")

M comes round to ask about last night's geek-fest, see how big a fool I made of myself, check about Sunday's San Carlos poetry slam.

Pounces on the Deadwood CD and insists we play it even tho' it's too early in the morning for the lingo or the music.

I have none of the weirdo New Agey nut cutlet stuff she likes to chaw on so she makes to head out to the shops.

I need more juice and marmalade.

Me: "About the marmalade. Don't buy *anything* if you're not sure. Last time you got me some p***y local stuff ... can you get me the heck sort of chunky marmalade I like?"

Pause by the door. A "look". Then perfect growly imitation of Charlie:

"Yeh, I can do that"

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