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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Aniak the otter

A Day at the Seattle Aquarium

This is where we Islanders score.

On a gorgeous day, what is more enjoyable than the sort of free ferry trip that overseas visitors pay thru the nose for, then a brisk stroll down the piers, past the tourist traps and the alluring aroma of Ivar's fish 'n' chips - et voilà! Our very own Seattle Aquarium - within easier traveling distance for Bainbridgers than the hapless Seattle-siders who have to battle public transport and/or parking.

Of course, it's visits like this that remind me that my toy-town camera is a false economy when it fails to deliver the true glorious color of those on display, or lacks the speed to capture a mother otter cruising with her babe.

Those graceful seals, just gliding thru the water - upside down, to boot.

It brings home what a marvel Mother Nature is - *and* The Great Designer - steamlining them to pass *within* the water as if part of it, rather than thru it, like us clunky humans.

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