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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Call for Poems

Not only does there seem to be a BIAHC call out for poems "for placement in public locations" with a "recognition event and reading" in late April, but Sunday March 20 sees the worthy annual San Carlos Poetry reading.

I have nothing ready for either but I feel a need to exert myself.

Meanwhile, for all those who stop me at Seabold guitarings and as I shamble round Winslow, here is that ferry poem you flatteringly ask after:

Waiting for the Ferry

Killing time waiting for a fog-bound early ferry
I saw a heron on the Eagle Harbour flats.
I took it for a plastic decoy, fake,
Until its beak jabbed and that black crest
Quivered. I wanted it to fly, just
Unwrap those great gray wings and take off
I waited. Nothing. Nothing but a heron stuck fast
In dull water while I waste time wishing
It away. The story of my life. I could jump and cry
Out loud or drop these thoughts of flying.
Let it stay for as long it'll stay.
And you? Just when I started understanding
Each minute was enough, you'd gone away

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