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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Victoria's Secret

Last week's shipping foray to Kitsap Mall was intense enough to require Anna to leave me guarding the spoils of the *first* expedition as she dived back in for further booty. Thus, I made an amusing discovery:

The sight of a single bloke nonchalantly dangling a V's Secret bag has an immediate effect on certain of the populace, namely wives out with husbands.

First the good lady's eye is caught by the distinctive pink bag, next she looks at the man who's carrying it; finally, she nudges hubby and directs his attention, as if to say, "See? There's a dutiful husband who still finds his wife attractive enough to buy her something sexy from Victoria's Secret." Pause. " ... so, honey ... when're you going to get me that cute li'l [insert item], hmm?"

Natch, the husbands give me a fierce glare as if to say, 'Traitor!'

The sad part of this story is that none of the wives that *I* noticed were in any fit state or shape to be seen dead in a Victorian creation. Perhaps that was why their tactful spouse had been holding back.

Whoops! Almost inserted the *spoof* link ...

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