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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tsunami Parody

I wish I could track that WQHT-FM "USA for Indonesia" parody down.

Linkfilter is usually so reliable for those elusive gems but has proved useless here.

From my pals over in Europe - and indeed Hong Kong, come to think of it - I hear rumblings and grumblings as the first symptoms of tsunami fatigue set in. Daily, the ring leaders ask me, "Have you found that song yet? Dude! And we thought you wuz da MAN ...."

I hear WQHT described as the "premier hip-hop station in America". Indeed? In which case their usual musical output should be the standard foul-mouthed anarchic mother-loathin' fuzz-slaying rantings for which the genre i so loved and respected. In which case, what on earth is all the fuss about *now*?

Surely, this is routine fodder for a "premier hip-hop" crew? Music swelling, the familiar first notes of the vintage charity hit "We Are the World"? Cue customized lyrics — "a torrent of bad taste, ethnic slurs and cruel insults about the killer south Asia tsunami."

Sounds rather like what is churned out daily to comfort all those police widows of white cops slain in the course of duty.

You ask me, a touch of the old humbug there ....

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