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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

jo frost

Sooper Nanny

Aside from the incorrigible Trump's triumph, can there be a more spine-tingling watchable show for all the family than the glorious Jo Frost as Super Nanny?

Hair tied back in suitably prim fashion, no-nonsense spectacles, and looking austerely regal in her purple tailored suit, Ms Frost arrives each week to bring discipline and good old fashion manners as she cuts a swathe through American families carefully chosen for their uniquely transatlantic genius for having absolutely no idea how to control their offspring.

jo frostMs Frost bears a disturbing resemblance to a former flame for whom embers still glow, so I'm perhaps not the best to comment disinterestedly ... but by jove what a woman about whom to pass even soppy lovelorn comments.

Another times, with luck.

supernanny dvdAll I need for my cup to run over is for the delectable Ms Frost to take her formidable charms over to Trump Tower where she can take over The Donald's etiquette lessons where the equally intimidating Caroline Kepcher leaves off.

Ms Kepcher, now - *there* would be a scary Nanny to set loose on unruly pranksters ....

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