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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Rules for Buskers

Bravo the Seattle Center for putting its administrative foot down over rules governing the behavior of al fresco entertainers - particularly the likes of "Magic" Mike.

Trampling on his 'constitutional rights' just by regulating his cavortings? What absolute nonsense: I trust the federal court will lose no time in hurling this idiotic notion from the calendar *and* sending Michael packing with a flea in his ear.

See? This is the ugly side of living in a proud and free country - not content with the generous freedoms they already enjoy, the spongers and ne'er-do-wells act like spoilt children until they're given even more.

As hinted at in the title of this blog, I too was once of those ranks - a singer/guitarist in the streets and underground rail stations of north-west and central London.

The only rule was to make as much money as possible and not get nicked by the rozzers.

The idea of actual licences and permission was unheard of and would have caused an uproar, as it did when Covent Garden went all sissified and dictated who could or could not play there. Not that it affected the real pros among us: I don't ever remember making more than a chicken's feed £18 an hour, which isn't worth leaving bed for.

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