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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pedal to the medal

Salute to our cycliing fuzz.

I'm outside Safeway at that late hour when the dealers prowl. I see M and say hi and caution him not to make any goof moves. Just then, out of the gloom swoop 2 fuzz on cycles, silent and observant. M n his pals lose the schmutter double quick and the dealer hotfoots it back to the druggie SUV.

I'm reminded of just before Xmas, downtown Winslow buying stationery, a gaggle of teenies lurking suspiciously around the card section. Suddenly they break and I follow them out. No need: they collide with a cyclist cop who only has to ramp up half a muscular calf muscle to o'ertake and corner them.

Isn't this the way it should be? Dixon of Dock Green-style? Come back, Jack Warner, all forgiven for those homilies. Local bobby, invisible, able to stop and finesse the situation; no heavy numbers. Maybe we're all Londoners manquées.

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