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Friday, February 25, 2005


"Committed to proving Dad wrong!"

I'm a serious guitarist verging on the pompous and hide-bound.

For years, my strings knuckleheadhave been the usual suspects - D'Addario, Martin, La Bella, ghs, Savarez - but I'd been hearing more and more good stuff about this Knucklehead bunch with the weird packaging and advertising.

Today I look into Bainbridge's own excellent Deering Music and the efficient (and distractingly attractive) helper advises me politely on knucklehead familyMartin before adjusting my gaze to their stock of Knuckleheads.

A sale! And she was right, those Redhead steel acoustics *are* cool.

What's also good is - get this - the *extra* high-E string that comes with each set.

Someone in Knuckle Kingdom has done their homework.

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