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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Island Data

When I'm in Europe, I can never answer queries about the facts and figures about Bainbridge.

Likewise concerning Corfu: I never have the facts straight about my mother's Greek island domicile.

Here's the lowdown on *both* isles, starting with:



Followed by our very ownBI

Bainbridge Island

Hearty congrats to editrice Kathryn Haines and her crew for the magnificent Feb 26 BI Review supplement from which most of those facts are drawn.

Special applause to the hard-working photographers whose portraits, combined with local traders' own mugshots, make this an informatively illustrated supplement.

For 10+ years now I've been looking at people - gazing and grading, staring and stereotyping - and it's only with this kind of pictorial almanac that I can satisfy my curiosity as to what my fellow slab-faced islanders actually *do*.

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