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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Invisible Stop Sign

For almost 2 years of Saturdays or Sundays - courtesy of the generous and understanding Candace and Geoff Daigle of the prize-winning Daigle Design team - I have been parking my jalopy in their ferry-convenient car park in order to commute over to Seattle to toil for The Man.

I arrive via the 305 and turn left in off Olympic Drive. But driving home at the end of the day, I prefer to head north, away from the cars streaming off the ferry and using the way pictured.

The other night, as I eased past the parked Police cars, my passenger asked was it not somewhat cheeky to run a NO ENTRY sign right on the Fuzz's doorstep?

I of course gave her a withering look as if to ask, "*What* Stop Sign? Dolt!" but then the scales fell from my eyes. I saw what she was gesturing at.

Blimey! How long has *that* been there?"

Speaking of Daigle Design, Candace and Geoff are themselves rather well designed - certainly too good-looking ever to play themselves in any movie of their brilliant design careers.

People would think the casting director had simply gone for the most glam actors and dismiss the biopic as fake.

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