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Monday, February 14, 2005

He hears what we say

Splendid news!

Autumn publication for the latest from my old publishing mucker, the distinguished and erudite Nick Webb.

This time, the former managing director of Simon & Schuster and author of the official life of Douglas Adams, is writing for Robson Books a work with the provisional title of I Hear What You Say: The Dictionary of Bullshit.

Sounds like Nick: always a man for straight-talk, his work is an attack on corporate double-speak – with which he'll have become depressingly familiar in his time, not least with S&S.

“My corporate life was certainly a rich source of bullshit – but then, I think everybody’s is.

A lot of that corporate language is drained of responsibility. You don’t say, ‘I’m not paying you,’ you say ‘That’s not a payment situation’.”

Applause and low bow while we're about it to the stirling Jeremy Robson himself, still keeping the faith after all these years. Heck, the lad's done well.

For bringing us Miles Kington's 'franglais' gems alone, Jeremy deserves a knighthood.

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