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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Happy 1st Birthday to 'The Bainbridge Islander'

Quaint sort of paper, but fair's fair - anything that plops gratis onto the doormat deserves a little plug, if only for reaching one year.

Come to think of it, the BI can't be *that* odd because it was thanks to their pioneering piece on Julie Leung that I got into e-correspondence with la bella blogista.

I'm writing rubbish: spendid rag ... tiptop reading. No Friday fireside hearth should be without a copy.

Bookmark the link for when TBI has its own site - www.bainbridgeislander.com.

Meanwhile, use this one

Hi Chris, I am trying to figure out how many bloggers live on Bainbridge and would be interested to have an informal meeting about what blogging could contribute in a more collective perspective.
Take care
Voice of Bainbridge
as much as I like and support the Islander their site (as is the one of the Sun) is pathetic. How better served everybody would be with a blog format.
And what about rss feed?
Gosh - how flattering to asked this. I'm not nearly as community-minded as all that. I leave that sort of stuff to the admirable Julie Leung of seedlings n sprouts fame.

As I am to most people, i am unfair to the Islander who actually ran the first piece on julie which is how i came to hear of her. also, JL is married to a topnotch techie who would have an opinion on RSS feeds etc.

i'm just a grouchy old curmudgeon who gives blogging a bad name by being content to snipe from the sidelines. of course i feel terrible when nice people like you write in - thanks so much. i'
ll see if i can come with an answer. C
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