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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Guterson: "Off the Living Tongue".

Out of the mouths of babes ....

Taylor Guterson on his "Opening Day" entry for our island Film Fest (keyword 'cinephiles'), based on a short story by distinguished Guterson père, he of snow falling cedarly:

" ... the printed words often didn't flow off the living tongue."

Noting DG's incomparable craftsmanship at the alphabet workbench, I once described DG in one of my UK press reviews as, " ... evocative but oaken ...". I also alerted the judges to his clear candidacy for that supreme accolade, the Bad Sex victor ludorum.

"Woody but *no* wood? What's he on about?" my critics would be entitled to moan. "Woolly review, more like!"

Fair DOs: I've asked around and the best suggested clarification is that, in the field of "dalliance prose", our David droops to the 'deciduously challenged'.

I rather like it. A woman, of course: you wouldn't get a bloke coming up with anything reMOTELY as deft *and* also publishable in a a family blog

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