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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Great Movie Lines

Reese Witherspoon stunning in Vanity Fair, Gabriel Byrne perfect as the Marquess of Steyne who arranges an exotic dance before the King, to be performed by the foxiest aristo ladies of court, plus the social mountaineering Becky S.

The dance over, and with the flashing-eyed Reese kneeling before him, the King announces that she must sit next to him at dinner.

camilla rutherfordUp purrs one of the aristo dancers, played by the lovely Camilla Rutherford: "Precedence would make that rather complicated, sir ...."

Fixing her a 'look', le Roi (the well-cast Richard McCabe) delivers the killer line:

"I am the *King*, Lady Gaunt - I con*fer* precedence."

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