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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Help stop the INS-anity.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided that Carol and Michael Gormley must be expelled in three weeks.

Go now. Don't bother reading anything else. Put down that latte and dial one or all of

  • Senator Maria Cantwell - (202) 224-3441
  • Senator Patty Murray - (202)-224-2621
  • Rep Jay Inslee - (306)-598-2342

    Ask them politely - as readers of this blog always are - politely but firmly ... ask them to get moving on an effective plan to let the Gormleys stay.

    Thank you, and thanks to Rosie Gaudette for posting the phone numbers via the BI Review Letters column.

    Speaking of Letters, well done Mary Linford and Rick Stanton for putting the boot into Dave Thompson's ludicrous Feb 16 letter about his irresponsible tailgating son.

    I read Thompson's outburst wheh it first appeared but tossed it aside as too stupid to challenge: below a certain level of common sense, some sillinesses just drag one down to their own dismal level.

    Obviously, I'm relieved the boy didn't actually 'off' himself in the accident, altho' it does mean he's still around to drive sloppily another day, which is a bummer.

    With luck, the bang-up from the collision was rough enough to have afforded the twerp a glimpse of what responsible, grown-up driving entails - never a strong point with the young.

    As for tone and attitude of the offending letter, I think we know how Thompson *père* conducts himself behind the wheel, and where his sprog picked up his highway habit of incompetence and plain bad manners.

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