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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

art 1

"Collectors Art"

I have watched those TV ads for Collectors Art in every sort of company, from sea-captain, scholar and software guru, to plumber, playboy and property tycoon.art 2

Without exception, unprompted by me, their jeers of derision rock the rafters.

art3No one finds the vulgar reproductions anything but laughably kitsch and grotesque.

alt 4I myself stay impassive and say absolutely nothing, lest I be outed as the appalling snob I am (albeit with not a jot of justification).

animalThe objects portrayed in the TV announcements have, presumably, been chosen as the best, most alluring wares. art

Why, then, are they such hideous daubs, the acme of bad taste without a single brushstroke of skill or merit?

*Who* out there is buying these atrocities?

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