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Friday, February 18, 2005

bank of america

Blessèd Bank of America

So nice to sing praises for a change and be forgiven my trespasses.

Last December, just before taking off to loll in the Tuscan Greek sun, I foolishly - nay, idiotically - mailed a signed but otherwise empty BoA check which was stolen from the recipient's mailbox and written out for a hefty G note.

Many phone calls later from Italy, plus visits to the bank and fuzz on my return, I was left with the glum verdict that it was my fault (which was it was, unquestionably) and the spondulix was gone.

Today came a phone call from the bank's excellent fraud division, rightly chiding me but making the generous exception in view of my clean record to refund me the sum.

Mega props to Bank of America for hiring good people and giving them the flexibility to take pity on a pauper.

As for *you*, Ms Carrie Herren of D/L WADL HERRECL239JI of 1st National 6779, walking around with your purse bulging with more than a grand of my hard-earned spondulix ... do you feel the chill winds of your malevolent karma breezing up your skirts?

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