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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

43 Things to the Rescue

Damn, I like sagas that end 'happily ever after', don't you?

I'm in one right now, courtesy of those heros in 43 Things.

Alors, voici:

Heck, I'd hate to be a press officer today. I was one of the lords of the London PR universe back in the heady 1970s, but I'd be a mewling impotent in today's controlled chaos of bloggy 'Net-romancy.

God knows how today's hacks keep a cap on *any* hot news item.

Anyway my story concerns my almost superhuman procrastinatory powers over renewing my Resident Alien card.

My Excuses:

Thanks to 43-Things, I not only had a venue to file my story but also read and hear from *others* in the same boat _and_ wake up to the urgency of the situation.

A killer feature is the list of tagged related links to each resolution or dilemma.

In my case, right there - depriving me of further excuse - was the very Green Card Plus link I had been kidding myself was so elusive.

After months of moping and uncoping, in 3 minutes flat I'm on my way thanks to 43's links and buddy system.

I may NOT now be hauled in chains to one of those INS freighters without markings, my daughters weeping and pleading for daddy to be spared, our trained hound doing that pathetic 'Lassie' thing she can deliver on such occasions.

Hoorah for the stalwarts at '43'!

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